Paul and Cheryl Nelson, Erik and Tami Nelson

Our Story

It’s been more than 70 years since Lyle and Jessie Nelson began farming here. Their dream was to own a piece of South Dakota prairie and raise a family from the harvest off the land.  Paul eventually brought his wife, Cheryl, back to the home place. They moved to Gettysburg in 1977 to be closer to school as they raised their two sons, Ryan and Erik.

The Nelsons’ dream lives on today. But the harvest is far different than ever could have been imagined back in 1941.  It’s the harvest of ringneck pheasants that brings folks from all over the world to this sprawling landscape under the Dakota sky.

Today, that harvest is orchestrated by Paul’s son, Erik and Tami Nelson as well as Paul’s wife Cheryl Nelson.  And the Paul D. Nelson legacy continues. The combines still roll across the land at the end of the growing season. But come fall, a harvest like no other is found here – that of pheasants, yes, but also that of friendships, borne from the unique spirit of sporting camaraderie.

Your Hosts:

Erik and Tami Nelson and Cheryl Nelson

Orvis Review

“PNF provides a great place to hunt and also a great place to escape thinking about the day-to-day to refresh the mind. Whatever you might do before or after the hunt gets blocked out by the focus the family and the team places on making sure its a great experience without hassle or trouble. I’d been before and will come again.”  Guest from Houston, TX
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