Luxury Long Range Shooting

Join us at THE RANGE  for a truly exclusive shooting experience presented by GUNWERKS

Discover the thrill and satisfaction of long range shooting and learn from industry leading professionals. For two and a half days you’ll peel back the layers on what it takes to build the ultimate range shooting system, learn the fundamentals of precision marksmanship, and be mentored by our experienced staff as you successfully hit targets out to 1,000 yards and beyond.  We invite you to join the experts from Gunwerks at our new Long Range facility for this rare, ALL INCLUSIVE retreat and experience our award winning luxury accommodations.

This Was A 2018 Special Event


The Gunwerks Magnus Long Range Rifle
Gunwerks Verdict

All-inclusive pricing for this special event at The Range will INCLUDE a custom Gunwerks rifle configured for your needs.

“At Gunwerks pride ourselves on being innovative leaders of the world of long-range hunting and shooting. Since our beginning, we have tirelessly worked to produce the ultimate tools in long-range shooting. This effort has created some of the most accurate rifles in the world, and one of the most sought-after long range training programs known to the hunting community.  Your success is our success.”   For a complete training agenda, retreat details, pricing and reservations, please call Paul at 605-765-2469 or email

The Highlights

  • State of the art shooting facilities
  • Legendary luxury lodging and hospitality
  • All inclusive with fine dining and drinks
  • Small class size and personalized attention
  • Custom Gunwerks rifle including optics
  • Or Use Our Rifle Package for training
You will get hands on instruction and gear configuration for either hunting or competitive shooting.

“We’ve created two separate training tracks, one focused on hunting and the other on competitive long range shooting. Both offer three levels of training, following the principles of Foundation, Development, and Application of skills. Our long-range hunting game is still as strong as ever, but we’ve introduced another curriculum focusing on the competitive side of long-range shooting.” 

During your days, you’ll get expert training on everything from scopes to ballistics to calling wind.

Evenings, you’ll relax just yards away in the hospitality and comfort of the lodges at the famed Paul Nelson Farm. Here you will experience our unmatched hospitality and legendary atmosphere.

Choice of two packages: One includes a Gunwerks rifle with optics and more configured for either hunting or tactical.  The other package allows you to use our rifle to learn the art of long range shooting.  See below.

Spaces are Limited to take advantage of this exclusive long range shooting event with Gunwerks.

“The sweet spot for achieving a high quality system is in a full custom product. Cost is not limited and each part is manufactured to and engineered to exact specifications. Fitting the parts together creates a better product because the entire system was designed at once. And the quality of the finished product is built into the system at every step of the manufacturing process. This is what you get in a Gunwerks system.”

We are thrilled to make THE RANGE at Paul Nelson Farm available for our guests!

Don’t miss this Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity with Gunwerks and Paul Nelson Farm; limited spots available.  Call Paul at 605-765-2469 or email

(PREVIOUS EVENT) All-inclusive pricing for this 2 1/2 day event includes all meals, lodging, drinks, dinner wine, ammo, training, and a precision custom rifle package (or use ours).