Read how it all began

1941 – Paul’s parents, Lyle and Jessie, moved from Onida, SD to a farm two miles northwest of the current lodge.

1945 – Lyle and Jessie bought the land around the present lodge and made this farm the “home place.”  Lyle raised wheat, corn and sheep.  The farm was fenced for grazing.

1950′s – The family switched from raising sheep to cattle.

1971 – Paul married Cheryl Eggers in Sioux Falls, SD.  The family cattle operation now included a feedlot.

1983 – Paul made the shift from “rancher” to “farmer.”  The cattle were sold and more land was acquired.

1988 – The Conservation Reserve Program began.  Paul re-seeded many acres to native grasses.  Thousands of trees and numerous food plots were planted. Several deep artesian wells were dug.  Pheasants began to proliferate.

1992 – Conversion of the ranch hand’s house into a place to house guests got underway.  This is the first year hunters were hosted at the farm.  Though hunting officially began the previous year, visitors stayed at a nearby bed and breakfast.

1993-1995 – Many additions of bedrooms and lounge areas were added to the main lodge.

1997 – Main office was built in Gettysburg.

1999 – Erik Nelson graduated from Oklahoma State and returned to the farm – the third generation on the land.

2000 – Bunkhouse with 10 semi-private rooms was built.

2001 – Addition of the African Room.

2006 – King Lodge was built with 10 bedrooms.

2008 – Erik Nelson married Tami Thompson of Selby, SD on August 9. On December 14, a fire destroyed King Lodge and mildly damaged nearby Bunkhouse.

2009 – King Lodge was rebuilt with 14 bedrooms.  Bunkhouse was reconfigured to include 8 private rooms, it’s own bar area, and renamed Buffalo Suites.